15 Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives for Candy

Mar 07 2013

The Easter bunny is on his way, and boy is he a good hopper! It’s that time of year where children will decorate eggs, go on egg hunts and eat candy galore.  Many kids (or us adults) will dive at the chance to fill themselves with candy until they get sick. As a parent it is your job to not let this happen, yet you still want them to have a fun Easter. So instead of putting candy in the eggs this year for the egg hunt, why not switch it up and assist your child in not getting cavities! Take a look at this list of a few things you can throw in the Easter eggs so they can still have a fun time, but don’t worry a snack size candy bar here and there is alright too.

  1. Goldfish
  2. Lip gloss, beauty products or nail polish for girls
  3. Toy cars, sports items, or legos for boys
  4. Moneys in a Barrel game
  5. Silly putty, a bouncy ball, a slinky, a yo-yo, etc.
  6. “Magic Towels” – towels that come in shapes and then expand when wet
  7. Growing animals – animals that grow when left in water
  8. Mini squirt gun
  9. Stickers, erasers, crayons, markers or other school related items
  10. Sticky hands or a light up sticky ball
  11. Finger puppets
  12. Parachute toys
  13. Small figures – think little army men, polly pocket, or animals
  14. Container of bubbles
  15. Toy accessories – clothes or small items for their Barbies or polly pockets.

Well moms and dads, I hope this list gives you some more ideas as to what you can put in your children’s Easter eggs. Just remember to have fun; you know what they like! If your child does get a cavity after Easter, no need to worry, just give us a call!

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