Is your child afraid of the dentist?

Jan 09 2013

Think about it, do you remember your first trip to the dentist? Being absolutely terrified and your friends and family just seemed to make it all worse. It was a totally new place with scary sounds, objects and people.

Children fear the dentist just as much as the boogieman living under their bed. Television and books have led children to imagine everything about the dentist in a negative way. It is normal for children to feel uncomfortable due to the unfamiliar setting and the horror stories they have heard.

Here are a few things to help take the anxiety away from your child:

  • As the parent, it is important to be strong and not scared. Your Child will feed off of your fear and copy the behavior.

  • Talk to your child. It is important to understand where the fear is coming from so you can help ease the pain.

  • Take your child to the dentist regularly, every 6 months. If they know they have to go twice every year for a check up, rather than for a problem, they will not associate the dentist as a bad place.

  • Let your child watch your appointment. This way they can see everything the dentist is doing and will know what to expect.

  • Make the appointment in the morning. Children are more rested in the morning, which will help with a smoother appointment.

Remember to practice good dental habits at home. The less a child needs to go to the dentist, the better.

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