Who is the Incredible Molar Man?

Often, when going to the dentist, your child may feel she’s facing a drill-wielding super villain. So she may bring the weapons of tears, tantrums and terror to do battle with the dastardly doctor. But what she doesn’t realize is that every dentist is actually a superhero in disguise, just like Clark Kent. Don’t let the scrubs or the white coat fool you: these are merely a part of the secret identity of Molar Man, the local hero of Burg Children’s Dentistry!

But maybe your child is the skeptical type. Well, here’s the proof that her dentist is a real caped crusader:

  1. He fights evil plaque! Without the dentist’s help, the brutish bacteria in plaque can cause caries – black marks on your child’s beautiful smile.
  2. He protects the innocent from the dangers of gingivitis and bad breath! Your child will be glad to have the dentist on her side to prevent painful swelling and social exclusion.
  3. He’s faster than a speeding bullet: in one appointment of less than an hour, he can turn ordinary teeth into the gleaming white teeth of justice!
  4. He has superpowers, including super-shine and x-ray vision! The dentist has the ability to see inside your child’s teeth themselves and see any criminal cavities.
  5. To boot, Molar Man can teach your child how to be a superhero so she too can fight dental crime! The next time she goes to the dentist, he’ll not only teach her the tricks of the justice trade, he’ll personally provide her with the tools to wield against the enemy, including the toothbrush of truth and the floss of fortitude. In this way, you and your child can fight crime in the comfort of your own home, making dental care a twice-daily adventure.

So next time your child refuses to enter the lair of the devious Dr. Dentin, present the facts: she has merely been called to take her place in the Justice League of Good Health. After one short trip to Utah Pediatric Dentistry, the dentist will equip her with the brilliant white smile and self-confidence she needs to face down the difficulties of everyday life. She’ll be bolder in embracing the challenges and opportunities of each day. With her beautiful smile, she’ll be ready to make new friends. She’ll be ready to lift up the weary and downtrodden. And, with the power of minty-fresh breath, she’ll be prepared to strike down childhood injustice wherever it rears its ugly head.

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